"Your collars are fantastic, strong and durable as well as very comfortable. The fact that they are much cheaper than other makers is a big plus so keep up the good work! ^w^"

-JessicaGirly (Mar 2015)

"I have been in desperate need of a new collar for a long time; the old one that I had has been worn in that it started to fray and literally is falling apart. When I came across Blaez's collar gallery, I knew that she would be the one to make my new favorite and I was absolutely right. Not only was she super polite and patient with me, she got it done within that same weekend! I was also impressed with the way she accommodates to my needs [I wanted my own fabric design and she happily let me send her one] and her attention to detail and directions has created THE perfect collar for me. Her craftsmanship is beautiful and I am very pleased with the end result. In fact, I think it was worth MORE than the price she gave me! I will proudly recommend anyone who is in search for a new custom-made collar to Blaez's Collar Creations; her collars is soft, comfortable, and the adjustable strap is a nice touch. I continue to wear my purple plaid collar everyday as I can! Thank you so much to Blaez for my new collar, couldn't be more happier!

-Starmuttani (Oct 2013)

"My collar arrived this afternoon! It's gorgeous, the photos simply don't do it justice! So well made and the material is lovely & soft. <333 I love it, thank you very much."

-XantheWolf (July 2013)

"The collar you made was so snug and awesome! I'm trying to figure out on what to put on it! Your craftsmanship of it is top class and I hope to get another soon!"

-Oshiiryuu (June 2013)

"OMFG Blaez... The pictures do NOT do my collar justice. Its absolutely AMAZING. I love it! Its so well made and the quality is just LEGENDARY. Totally getting another one now."

-ZekeStar (Nov 2011)

“I got my collars today, and they are awesome! Very well made, comfy, fits well. I love how they made the fleece on my fursuit collar thicker to not make it look out of place- very thoughtful and looks great! Been wearing my human collar for a while now, it is so very comfy x3 All in all, brilliant service, always was there to discuss things with me about ordering, Gorgeous collars, very thoughtful and helpful along the way, and the shipping didn't take that long for over-seas delivery. Would definitely recommend! Thank you!"

-Tuss (Nov 2011)

"Well, after commissioning from wolfheart, she was incredibly polite with me and helped me with picking materials. She was also incredibly patient with me as my main commission was a suprise for my friend so some details were picked at. I consider Wolfhearts product to be cheap and good quality from what ive seen from photos and I cannot wait to get my collars and my friend to get hers. I would definitely recommend you to friends! and have done so already! :3"

-Ben_Shepard (Nov 2011)

"When ordering my first collar she was nice polite and helpful. Her price chart helped a ton and from the photos i saw was great work for an affordable price. I have got my first collar some time ago and love it to every detail. The fabric is soft and the band is durable, the materials are of good quality and since the price didn't kill me, I have commissioned a second collar from her and can’t wait for it."

-furryinsearch001 (Nov 2011)